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Collingwood’s premier gastropub and venue. Offering seasonal farm-to-table comfort food, the experience will revolve around internationally renowned and celebrated Australian beer, wine and whisky.


We treat guests like family with a relaxed, down-to-earth ambiance: sophisticated but casual, elegant but simple, unpretentious and cozy.

With over 65 years of combined experience in restaurants and bars, the partners and management are excited to introduce the Wheat, Wine and Whisky concept to Melbourne. This gastropub and venue will bridge the gap in the Collingwood restaurant and entertainment market by offering a comprehensive selection of beers, wines and whiskies that complement and are incorporated into seasonal menus.

Furthermore, families are a growing segment of the Collingwood population, and Wheat, Wine and Whisky, a family-run business, will ensure little ones are part of the fun, especially with the new kid-friendly park immediately adjacent to the premises. 

Pouring a Pint
Beer Samples
Beer Tap
Beer Tasting
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